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Power Converter

In electronic engineering, a DC to DC converter is an electronic circuit which converts a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another.

The SANWEC Converter. DC-to-DC Converter is designed to convert 12VDC battery voltage to 48VDC. It is ideal for mobile applications that require 48VDC electronic equipment to be powered by converting the 12VDC power from battery/Accu. In mobile wireless LAN applications, this converter is ideal for use with 48VDC Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) equipment and BTS. The NWT12480. also stabilizes the input voltage allowing it to work with sensitive wireless equipment. In addition, the NWT12480. can be use in 12V solar powered applications. Compatible with Cisco®, D-Link® , BTS equipments and most 48 VDC access points.


  • Converts 12VDC to 48VDC
  • High efficiency at full load
  • Overload shutdown
  • Low voltage alarm
  • Short circuit protection
  • Data logger for monitoring system
  • Fast response
  • Constant current can be checked or set during
  • operation
  • Low input current, high reliability, higher
  • efficiency and less line distortion
  • High precision when stabilizing the voltage
  • Has high operational reliability and excellent
  • electrical performance
  • Wide scope of working temperature
  • Input voltage power source voltage can be
  • changed as per requests
  • Customized specifications are available


  • Convert 12VDC power from most
  • battery or accu to 48VDC
  • Provides 48 VDC for Access Points and
  • Network Devices
  • Ideal for mobile Wireless LAN
  • applications or BTS device.
  • Stabilizes voltage in automotive
  • applications that require 48VDC
  • 12VDC solar powered applications
  • Provide 48VDC for Power-Over-Ethernet
  • (PoE) equipment


  • All Output current is indent
  • Can be request for output current or voltage.
  • Minimum order 20 unit

PictureSANWEV Converter 48 to 12 volt 10A