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Data Monitoring (Telemetry)

In this globalization era, the information needs quickly and accurately is necessary in order to bolster the performance in various fields. One of them is information about the circumstances that somewhere out of reach. However, the geographical situation and distance can often hinder to obtain this information. Therefore, it is necessary to have a system that can learn parameters are however circumstances where geographical distance and location. Therefore Telemetry System was established. This system has the ability to detect the parameters of a remote place. Thus with this system is expected to reduce the barriers to getting information immediately.

Telemetry is the process of measuring the parameters of an object (object, space, natural conditions), the measurement results sent to another place through both the data transmission process using a cable or without cable (wireless), then the data to be used directly or need to be analyzed. In general telemetry system consists of six parts of the object supporting measure, sensors, transmitters, transmission line, receiver and display / display.

Layout Concept Telemetry System

Layout Concept Telemetri System

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