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NT – CDR Traffic Analysis

Why Do We Need CDR Traffic Analysis ?

  • Do we sure that our Quality of Service met our KPI and customer expectation?
  • Do we sure with our service coverage location?
  • Do we sure that all our subs call is generated into CDR?
  • Do we sure that all our CDR is processed and billed?
  • Do we sure with our Network Element’s capacities?

Goal and Benefits

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Root cause analysis
  • Optimizes the service availability
  • Early problem detection through parameterize Alert Management System
  • Decision support system
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Make your marketing campaign more attractive

CDR Traffic Analysis System is becoming a business management tools used to visually ascertain the status (or “health”) of a business enterprise via key business indicators.

Uses visual, at-a-glance displays of data pulled from MMSC to provide warnings, action notices and summaries of business condition based on CDR.

Processing Hierarchy


High Level


NT CDR Traffic Analysis Modules

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Performance Report
  • Devices

NT CDR Traffic Analysis has capabilities to analyze:

  • CDR Traffic Analysis for Voice
    • CDR Traffic Analysis for Voice MO
    • CDR Traffic Analysis for Voice MO (2G & 3G)
    • CDR Traffic Analysis for Short Code
    • Top 10 Problem in Voice Traffic
    • Statistic Voice Usage
  • CDR Traffic Analysis for MMS
    • MMS per Brand
    • MMS per Class
    • MMS per Node
  • CDR Traffic Analysis for SMS
    • SMS Traffic per Brand
    • SMS Traffic Analysis per Class & Brand
    • SMS Traffic per Destination
    • SMS Traffic per Cluster
    • Hourly SMS Performance
    • Daily SMS Performance
  • CDR Traffic Analysis for GPRS

TrafficAnalysis Reporting Features:

  • Daily Presented Report
  • Simply and Hourly Data Summarizing
  • Displaying in Detail CDR through defined hyperlink.
  • Paginated output. Able to jump next, previous, first, last or specific page.
  • Convert output report into three different format (word, PDF or Excel), preferred used PDF format

CDR Traffic Analysis Application Screen Shot

traffic_analysis login





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