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NT – CDR Gateway

CDR Gateway (CDRGW Application System) is a business solution to fulfil the requirement of Interconnect CDR. This CDR will only consists of interconnection data record only, to simplify the CDR processing mechanism in Interconnect Billing system, which will process interconnect CDR.

CDRGW is designed to create new CDR that consist only interconnect data record, that are taken from the CDR from MSC/MSS. After interconnect CDR creation process, the original CDR (retail + interconnect) will be sent to  Mediation Device System for billing system purpose and interconnect CDR will be sent to  Interconnect Billing System. As a result, this solution will impact directly to 2 CDR processing system, Mediation System as retail CDR processing system, and interconnect CDR processing system.


Some Network Elements can not distinguish between off-net transaction and on-net transaction


System Manager

  • Reference Code
  • Process Rules
  • Server Process
  • NDC Reference
  • Internal Trunk Group
  • Dummy Viewer


  • Content Statistic File
  • Content Statistic Node
  • Destination Statistic File
  • Destination Statistic Node
  • Download Report


  • CDR File Tracing
  • Process Monitoring
  • File Sequence


  • Reprocessing File

NT-CDR Gateway Architecture


Screen Shoot CDR Gateway

Screen shoot CDR GtW


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