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NT – CDR Based Data Warehouse

CDR Based Data Warehouse is an application for processing voice, sms and data CDRs to become a detail and informative report, easy to analyze and perform in dashboard type. With our experience on Telco Industry and our proven product, we are confidence that we also have a role to stressfulness for costumer  in the future.

CDR Based Data Warehouse Reporting:

  • Dashboard
    • Dashboard Performance.
    • Dashboard Drill Down.
    • Dashboard Drill Down result.
  • SMS
    • SMS Analysis Per Brand.
    • SMS Analysis Per Class.
    • SMS Analysis Per Destination.
    • SMS Analysis Per Cluster.
    • Hourly SMS Performance.
    • Daily SMS Performance.
  • Voice
    • Analysis for Voice MO.
    • Detail of Voice MO.
    • Analysis Short Code.
    • Detail CDR of Analysis Short Code.
  • Top 10 Problem
    • Top 10 Problem on Voice Traffic.
    • Detail CDR of Top 10 Problem.
    • Top 10 Content Provider Success & Failed Transaction.
    • Top 10 Content Provider Highest Hit based on Subscriber Type.

Configuration System

Figure below shows the global physical architecture of the CDR-Based Data Warehouse:

Configuration System


Logical Architecture Diagram CDR Based Data Warehouse:

Arcitecture CDR DWh

Screen Shoot CDR Based Data Warehouse


sms chartsms report

voice chartvoice report

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